Five Of The Best Military Red Dot Sight

A military person or a hunter knows that having the best military red dot sight is essential to hit a target from afar. It’s a very neat invention for the army to achieve and hit at an absolute accuracy. The red dot sight is a more focused and faster way of aiming and hit the target with little to without missing it. These military reflex sights were initially made for soldiers, but are now integrated into hunting and some professional sports like paintball leagues.

Red dot sights are ever becoming popular than their other counterparts, like iron sights and scopes. It assists people on seeing the big picture out there than just the glaring at the screen or optics. So, how will you be able to choose the right one in the market? These reviews can help you settle that questions.


Eotech HHS l
(EXPS3-4 with G33 3x Magnifier)

Tactical Research
 Mini-Mil Boot

Vortex Optics 
 StrikeFire II
 Red/Green Dot Scope

Bushnell  Trophy TRS -25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope



8.1 x 2.2 x 2.8 inches ; 1.4 pounds

2.6 x 1.7 x
2 inches

5.6 inches

5.4 x 3.4 x
2.2 inches


Transversely- mounted lithium 123 battery at 600 hours standard settings

CR2 batteries at 50,000 hours in minimal use or 600 hours of average use

CR2 Battery at 300 hours maximum lighting used and 6,000 hours at
minimum setting

CR2032 battery At 150 hours max and 3,000 hours at minimum sitting


38.4 ounces

5 ounces

7.2 ounces



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Eotech HHS l (EXPS3-4 with G33 3x Magnifier)

Eotech’s HHS I incorporates an EXPS3-4 with a whopping 3x magnifier for close-range situations and up to a 500-meter surveillance of the environs and target. Also, its night vision aspects are compatible with most systems. The HHS I has a high optical performance with the light transmission for reflectiveness of scenarios in low visibility conditions.

The device allows individuals for two eyes open because of its eye-relief feature: the parallax-free viewing. The holographic hybrid viewing allows this parallax-free function to protect the eyes, while at the same time, provide accurate shooting of the target. The base of the red dot sight allows a 7mm iron sight access when needed.

The HHS I makes use of simple lithium battery which can operate for 600 hours when configured at an integral setting of 12. The model also calls for easy adjustable rigs and buttons for ease of attachment, lock, and removal. Another aspect of the device is the airborne reticle definite to a .223 caliber ammunitions.

By the way, these military reflex sights models have four dots when aiming. It’s not just your primary one red dot sight in use.

What we like
  • Holds target for long periods at an even amount of time like 2,000 rounds of 5.56. It has excellent recoil properties to withstand all of that knocks.
  • Easy installation, mount up and removal. It can lock the device to your weaponry at zero.
  • The magnifier can be flipped quickly to the side, and you can use BUIS or back up iron sights if you want.
  • Eotech is perfect for close range shooting like 50 yards. It is often an advantage when hunting on the wilds
  • Perfect and accurate aiming and shooting capability for short-ranged scenarios.
  • The device has 20 levels of daylight settings and 10 for night vision.
What we don't like
  • The unit can be bright once turned on to use the magnifier.
  • The four red dot sight and magnifier will take time for users to get used to.

Trijicon MRO-C-2200004 2.0 MOA Adjustable Red Dot Sight

The Trijicon model has a large viewing area of the scenario while reducing the tube effect of the view area. This allows for faster aim and hit the target acquired. It has been forged and sealed ergonomically to defy the strongest of weathers. It is reproduced in 7075 housing that protects the optics and lenses from getting blurry visions.

And speaking of lenses, it is multi-coated to protect the quality and clarity of the optics. It also has light gathering features to provide crisp luminance to for the dot reticle to shine through. The Trijicon is considered a low and smooth mount device that can be set up conveniently by most users. It is best used with long-ranged weaponries like a rifle or shotgun.

The device has eight brightness setting and an off feature in case you want to go through normal mode or undergo from the lowest visibility setting. In case people want to customize it with a magnifier, then there’s no problem with it.

It has excellent battery expectancy life at 50,000 hours at minimum setting. Other configurations can send the device running at 2,000 to 10,000 hours.

What we like
  • Sharp and clarity of the optics used for aiming. Even in low light scenarios, it has proven to be crisp.
  • The larger optical lens provides better and enhanced viewing of the surroundings.
  • The brightness is conducive to view the red dot sight. And since it has a second off feature, it means you don’t have to worry about resetting the whole levels upon using it first thing on the day.
  • The battery life stated by the product can be extended for further use if you know how to set the configurations right.
  • Can zero-in for short and long ranges.
What we don't like
  • Some users have experienced lousy magnification and brightness settings.
  • Aiming with both eyes open can be a massive problem because of parallax features in error.

Vortex Optics SF-RG-501 StrikeFire II Red/Green Dot Scope

The Vortex StrikeFire can ease the eyes and help relieve them because it’s also parallax-free. It offers quick acquisition of the target in a large view area with its easy redo dot sight – which can be adjusted up to ten levels. Users can choose dot colors to either red or green.

The item is night vision is compatible with other devices as the optical lenses provide a crispier view of the surroundings with its light transmission. The StrikeFire has a magnifier which can be tuned up to 1x. The mount places the bore center at 40 mm over the base and offers a lower view of iron sights on flat top AR weaponries.

The device is a single-piece gadget and is compact and lightweight in nature. The seals have prevented moisture from rain or fog to penetrate and fuzz the optical lenses. StrikeFire has been created to withstand even the harshest of environs. It can recoil quicker from shock as its design has been ergonomically made to withstand the impact.

Battery life is at 300 hours in standard settings but will extend to 6,000 when used at a minimum.

What we like
  • Bright and crisp reticles which can be chosen red or green upon usage. It also has ten levels worth adjusting to your needs.
  • Great shockproof and recoil. Despite many tryouts, the mounting is held in place at zero level and won’t limp to the sides. ​​​​
  • Flip up covers is quite tight and perfect to alter with iron sights.
  • The mounting is quite stable and can make use of a magnifier if possible. It is also easy and convenient to mount and won’t budge even on shocks.
What we don't like
  • It has a low battery life and quick to drain.
  • The four MOA dots can be a bit hazy at times and too large for range distances.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope

Bushnell has integrated an amber-bright optic lens that provides a clear and crisp view of the scenario even on low light situations. It multi-coated and transmits light for low-visibility surroundings and offers a bright reticle for penetrating the view. The control knob for adjusting the red dot sight is easy and handy for users as well.

The size of the reticle is not that big and obtrusive and consumes energy at a slower pace. The dot is small and would still be seen precisely at the lowest or highest setting of brightness. Mounting the sight is easy and will recoil from the shock. Zeroing the device is such a breeze because its anti-shock properties straightened that up. There’s a slight twist to it when recovering – about no more than ¼ – but would clasp on the ledge and provide a secure grip.

Additionally, the product is waterproof and seals out moisture that would make the sight blurry. The gaskets are pretty thick and durable, although, users have no problems removing them either.

What we like
  • The optic lens provides not only a great view of the scenario but also an enhanced light transmission while reducing glare.
  • The seal rings are dense and quite durable in keeping out water, moisture, or dust from the view.
  • The reticle is bright enough in dim-lit areas or nighttime and even on the day. Adjusting them with the knob is easy and convenient.
  • Mounting of the device has a good clasping mechanism. It won’t fall on the sides and would recoil after shots fired.
What we don't like
  • The mounting is lower to the rail. For those who are uncomfortable with this, lift or riser is required.
  • Won’t work well with close-range shots.
  • Hard to keep at zero level.

Why do you need the best military red dot sight?


Military red dot sights make targeting a lot easier. Most of them are ergonomically made with parallax-free aspects that let you shoot with both eyes open. This, in turn, can provide relief to your visual senses. For people serving the military, or doing regular hunting, and joining pro sports, a red dot sight is necessary for a quick and precise target.

Here are some advantages you might look yourself into:

Fast acquisition of the target

Unlike in old models, you have to adjust the sight yourself. There’s no need for that in red dot sights because it assists you in aiming the target. And despite you moving or fidgeting around, the target is locked in place. You can use both of your eyes wide open, especially when you purchase a parallax-free device.

Need to aim at low-light areas or extremely bright conditions

The optic lens provides an excellent light transmitting area and has the capability of adjusting brightness setting of your reticle. That way, your red dot can shine through the darkest day and garish light of daytime.

Larger viewing area

Some sights restrict the viewing area because of its strands and tube effects. That’s to say; it won’t block your peripheral vision. That feature in older models inhibits the user to attain the target properly. The area should provide a nice vision of the scenarios for you to have a clear look at the situation.


It allows you to zoom in and check things at a distance. It’s proven to be an advantage to hit a target from afar without your mark knowing you there. Magnifiers can be placed on your mounts and lenses. Since your red dot sight has a crisp view of the environs; it can further boost that vibrant picture of your target.


Whether you’re on land or high in the air, military reflex sights can aid you in locking down your target. Also, if you need to shoot in close or long-ranges, the red dot assists the user in targeting his mark fast and precise. Whether you are aiming 50 or 100 yards away, either in land, sea, or air, the dot can locate your target and locked it in.

Delivers use in a wide variety of weaponries

Your sight can be mounted on a pistol or rifle or any weaponries compatible with the version you have. So, if you need to switch arsenals, your view can still be used for your activities. Not only it is limited for ARs, but guns are also viable to be mounted by your red dot sight.

Features you need in buying a red dot sight


When it comes to purchasing redo dot sights, you have to know some aspects that come along with it. This is not limited to the following: housing, adjustment levels, projection, compatibility, and more. You also need to check out the ones which are conducive to your weaponry. These are among the following features that almost all sights have in common. You must get to know your gadget before buying one straight from the internet.

Eye relief

Your military reflex sight should be easy to your peripheral vision with having a parallax-free feature and a wide, unlimited viewing area. It allows you to have both of your eyes open to acquire the target. Unlike many traditional sights, the red dot can detect your mark and have it locked on its reticle.

Waterproof or moisture proof, and dust proof

If your optics get leaks from humidity, your view can get hazy. The lens must be sealed shut or coated to prevent water or dust particles from entering and obscuring your inspection. In short, the device must withstand even from the harshest of weather and environs.


It must be protected or coated to deliver results. Also, it would be handy for it to transmit light very well and reduce glare if possible. The lens plays a vital role in the projection of the reticle. A crisp and clearer view will result to a brighter and better red dot projection.

Night vision

Most night vision feature is compatible with other devices. Despite lowering the settings to minimal, the brightness of the projection should be clear enough to pierce through the darkness.

Battery life expectancy

How long do you want your red dot sight to work? Some offer 300 to 600 hours with normal settings, while other brands have boasted of having around 6,000 to 80,000 hours when set in minimum. It’s also conducive to many people to use a common battery found in many supermarkets.

Projection of the reticle

Red dots have reflex and holographic types of projection. The former has LED lights projecting behind your lens up to the target, while the latter is a holographic projection placed in front of the lens.

Brightness and adjustment levels

The reticle must be in a certain brightness that can pierce low-lit areas and even the most garish light of daytime. There are adjustments or knobs where users can alter the intensity of the red dot. The lens helps by transmitting the light and lessens the glare from it – this, to project a better reticle. Commonly, there are ten levels of brightness found in many sights. However, some devices have only six or eight levels, but that is fine as well.


Mounting of the device should be easy and should recoil after a couple of shootouts. It’s not supposed to be flimsy and has to be screwed tightly to achieve perfect zero. Most mounting allocates a ring which people can place magnifiers or spacers in a wide range of weapons.


Most military reflex sights have a 1x magnifier, but some have around 3x of it. It’s just pretty nifty on having one of those accessories when dealing with short or long-range situations.

These are just some of the features you have to keep in mind. There are a lot of aspects which make up the best military red dot sight. You just have to look out for the ones that are compatible or ideal for your weaponry. We’ll share to you the basic tips on purchasing your next ordeal.

Buying guides for your red dot sight

You may have seen the best sight in the market, but is it compatible with your weapon or lifestyle? Are its features attuned to what you need in a reflex sight? Here are some thoughts on that next purchase of yours.


Your device should withstand extreme environs and conditions. It should not be flimsy and might hold on to any knocks of the situation. The mounting can be made from aluminum or not, but whatever it is, it should stand its ground despite many uses.

Compatibility with your weapon

Is yours a pistol or a rifle? Would you need something for short-ranged missions? Not all sights can be used for a certain gun. Some are designed for a special line only. If you’re looking to purchase a sight for your weapon, make sure it’s compatible with yours at home.

Lens, reticle, and projection

Everybody wants to have a good lens multi-coated for extra protection. It should be able to conduct light and lessen the shimmer of your reticle. Overall, you need something that can give you a nice view of the surroundings. Some reticles offer buyers a green or red option, either way, whatever works for you. Also, be mindful of three or four MOA or six, eight, or ten dot points. Some buyers might be annoyed on how they clumped together, but if it works for you, then fine.

Water/fog/moisture and dustproof

Water and moisture should be out of your lenses all the time, and so is dust. You need to have a multi-coated lens, or a sealer shut tightly to avoid any unwanted particle from ruining your view.

Anti-shock properties

A gun when pulled can send shocks to your accessories. But with a nicely mounted sight on your weapon, it can recoil after you pulled the trigger. A shockproof sight also aligns your level to perfect zero. This led to little or no hassle when pulling the trigger for your mark.

Works well in a range you want

Not all red dot sights are capable of giving you a clear look at the situation in a range you want. If you want a reflex at 50 or 100 yards, you need to search the market for that. Other sights are great at 200 yards away, but there are some that can handle all feet afar.


A large viewing area will offer the user a faster and more precise targeting of the mark. The reticle will be able to detect the movement of your target and retains its position despite you fussing or fidgeting around the trigger button.

It’s mostly up to the buyer to define a good military sight for his weaponry. But mainly, these are the general rules or guides when purchasing a product well-suited to your needs. So, after the review, we can say that there’s one device which is considered best in the market today.


After reviewing the items above, it is clear to us that the Eotech HHS l (EXPS3-4 with G33 3x Magnifier) is the best in the market today. And we can see why. The device is highly adaptable in any situations like field or pro sports. It supports range shootouts going from 50 to almost 550 yards. It’s a holographic, parallax-free sight that transmits light at low-light areas and immensely brighter ones. It has four red dots in use and has the flip covers flop to the sides when you want access to the traditional iron sight.

The magnification works very well, especially when you needed to lock in range at 500 yards. Even so, the HHS I works alright as a standalone. It is water and moisture resistant for up to 33 feet when submerged underwater. Going swimming or snorkeling with your weapon can retain the optics because of its sealants.

That’s not to say it has without its flaws. The adjustment level can be pretty tricky because the brightness can compete against the light of the reticle. And its huge red dot sight can annoy some users. It’s going to take a while for them to get used to. This model of Eotech has knobs and controls which are a lot easier to configure. The brightness of the settings in both daytime and nighttime is simply plenty and can be of use to the holder. Moreover, the mount does not fuss around when the weapon is in used. It held at zero grounds because the HHS I has excellent recoil and anti-shock properties.

What else can we say? The U.S. SOCOM uses this in their field assignments. Yes, the Eotech HHS l (EXPS3-4 with G33 3x Magnifier) is the best military red dot sight.