Choosing The Best MOLLE Chest Rig For You

Chest rigs are convenient equipment ergonomically considered for hunters, shooters, and the army who want to fasten their tools and essential kits to a carrier. It helps them carry items like knives, flashlight, whistle, glow stick, multi-tools, medical pouch, and more. The best MOLLE chest rigs should support the user and secure his or her belongings. It should be lightweight and durable to carry all loads.

Strapping a rig around you should be effortless and comfortable. There are various brands of MOLLE chest rigs in the market today, and we understand that it’s quite daunting and confusing which ones to buy. We made it easier for you by listing the top three chest rigs in the market today.


Condor Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig

Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult TacTec Chest Rig

Condor Recon Chest Rig


Size Fits

One size fits most

One Size

Adjustable and can fit some from M to XL






1.2 pounds

11.2 ounces

3 pounds


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Condor Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig

The Condor Rapid Assault Chest is a high-quality made MOLLE rig that composes six pouches with quick-to-release clips from the strap. It provides secure hold on your essentials like ammo, med aids, flashlights, or glow sticks. You can find an additional pocket near your stomach as well. It’s a perfect place to stash some documents or flat items like maps and papers.

You can find additional MOLLE-prepared pouches within the given rows on each pocket. You can place in as many items that can fit you and can carry, but despite of it all, the chest rig is pretty lightweight. Still, it hugs your body right and supports your back and load due to its cross design at the back. The comfort of the padded strap also offer that ease when bringing your load with you to battle.

All in all, it can fit people in different size including the small and the larger individuals. It can be adjusted accordingly to your proportions without having you feel uncomfortable and tacky. Condor will hold your rig and items in place. Thought it would wiggle from side to side at times. But they are easy to access and draw from the pockets.

Furthermore, the materials used in the making of Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig are excellent and can withstand the wear and tear of the environment.

What we like
  • Size can fit to any person despite being small or large.
  • Feels weightless even if you carry tons of loads with you.
  • Comfortably sits on your shoulder and supports your back while moving.
  • It has so many compartments that you can place your items, kits, papers, and ammos.
  • It’s reliable, comfortable, and durable to withstand a couple of beatings.
What we don't like
  • For big-sized people, it’s all too difficult to buckle the strap at the bottom near your belly.
  • The upper portion of the chest rig might be ideal for people who stocky in-built.

Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult TacTec Chest Rig

The Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult TacTec Chest Rig assists the user from carrying the load with its rugged and high-quality foundation and materials. Even though it has an H-form, most people will be relieved to know that it can be worn as a cross-back as well. There are six pouches and two more outside pockets to be used for extra accessories.

The 5.11 TacTec has also an admin pouch where you can place your maps and other paper files. With the chest rig, you can keep your papers dry because it can endure and resist water and moisture. Not only that, but it has also nylon constructions and bungee retention you may want to have.

For the size, it can fit most XXL men without any hassle. It is also quite light to wear and the additional accessories you might want to bring will not trouble you with the load. It has buckles that secure your belongings and provide easy access and withdrawal from your pocket.

The chest rig is quite breathable and wearing it gives you lesser problems to worry about.

What we like
  • The 5.11 TacTec heavily protects your gears and tools from the weather.
  • It’s lightweight and breezy to wear because the material the chest rig is made of is breathable.
  • The strap can be wrapped around easily to people with small and large frames.
  • Provides adequate protection and retention of keeping mags in place
  • The buckles made everything secure and wouldn’t wave to and fro much of the gears in place.
What we don't like
  • The length of each pouch is too short especially when you want to use the bungee option
  • The compartments are four divided sections instead of a separate pouch. The other two pockets are shared.

Condor Recon Chest Rig

The heavy-duty rig, Condor Recon, is highly-used in major outdoor activity for shooters and quite versatile to cater all of your needs. It has six pouches that can carry M4 and pistol mags, and four webbings, fast clips, and metal rings to secure your essential items. Recon is also designed with padded straps that support your frame against the weight of your load.

Unlike the first two, however, the Recon is a bit weighty, yet, offers convenience and comfort due to its mesh material that optimized breathability. That same material gives you more movement when undertaking the task on hand. The lockster can swivel on most joints which lessens restriction in your mobility too. That means more movement on the field.

Like any chest rigs, it can be adjusted to your size and fits most waists from 30 to 60 inches. You can hook your strap for it to fit you well, and there’s ease in fastening and unfastening in the tab. You should also know that Recon has an admin pouch and mag flaps can be removed for further customization. The bungee retention can be found on both sides of the chest rig.

And for all that its worth, the compartments are roomy and the piece is well-built. Customization for chest rigs is rare. But the Recon offers this feature to no other.

What we like
  • The chest rig is not only for recreational sportsmen or hunter, but it can be used for military training and rescue missions.
  • Recon is rugged and well-built to endure the wild climate and weather conditions you may find yourself in.
  • You can modify the mags and flaps to either add more pockets or lessen them
  • The chest rig fits just right without suffocating you. Plus, the straps are adjustable and the hooks will secure your rig and belongings in place.
  • The rig is comfortable to wear and won’t hassle or slow you down.
What we don't like
  • The rig might come out of the box as stiff. But, if you wear it regularly, it’ll let loose.
  • Some parts of the Recon clings too tightly on your body

Benefits of wearing the best MOLLE chest rig


Chest rigs provide pouches and pockets for shooters to place their belongings like ammo and first aid kit. It is an equipment specifically created to your items close to you during combat or hunting so that you wouldn’t miss a thing. Among the benefits, perhaps that is the greatest of all.

Also, with a chest rig, you have the benefit of:

  • Carrying your tools, ammo, magazines, grenades, flashlight, medical kit and such.

  • Move around with ease while carrying your load as effort-less and efficiently as possible.

  • Reduces the friction of the back and shoulders by being lightweight and breathable by nature.

  • Compatible to be used with armors and bags

MOLLE chest rigs that we have reviewed are the top trusted equipment in the market today. They are made with high-quality textiles that can withstand wear and tear. In the past, the chest rigs are limited only as manufactured with cotton. However, today’s technology changed the materials and allows more modification of the features.

So, tactical shoes aren’t only used for military, outdoor hikes, and campout activities, but it can also be a fashion statement in the city. Whether you like that idea or not, it’s the truth we have to face.

Should you get a chest rig or plate carrier?

Most people have interchanged the two items but there’s a major difference between the both of them. In short, chest rigs carry essential items like water bottles and supplies, while plate carriers are designed to carry armor or steel plates.

Chest rigs are lighter to carry while plate carriers are three times the weight of it and more when you’re bringing along your armor. It’s not uncommon for soldiers to wear both during combat. Usually, they placed the chest rigs over the plate carrier.

On the dilemma of buying both, you should first assess your lifestyle and needs. Someone who is active in shooting like the military or pro sports gamer might be in need of plate carriers. However, for those who are into laid-back hunting and gaming, maybe a chest rig would suit nicely.

Things to consider before buying a chest rig

Choosing the best MOLLE chest can be daunting especially with the brands competing in the market today. We’ll do all the research for you by narrowing it to the top-selling chest rigs of today. Here are the features you need to look before buying top products.


It’s vital to look for the bag which generally fits your frame. Many people have complained that some chest rigs are too big or small for their sizes. Most rigs fits individuals from medium to extra large. People with smaller proportions tend to suffer most from shopping for a rig. We suggest you to look for a chest rig that has awesome adjustability features.


All chest rigs can be adjusted with a buckle. This serves to be convenient because other parts of the rig can feel too tight or too big. A good chest rig can be adjusted to the size of the user, while leaving room for movement when in action.


The main reason why people buy rigs is that they need enough room to place all of their belongings. A standard chest rig should hold at least six mags – one on every compartment. Some rigs have admin pockets and side pouches for people to place extra accessories like paper works, batteries, and ammos. The pouches should be made from durable materials that can withstand harsh conditions. A sealant like Velcro, or buttons will also do the trick.


Chest rigs were created to be lightweight and breathable for the person to be more comfortable. It should also allow speedy mobility to take action on the assignment given. Commonly, rigs should weigh around a pound or two. Added accessories can multiply the weight to three times, but still manageable.

Comforts and ease

That padded strap and back strips provide extra support for your body to handle the load. Either you’re comfortable with a cross-back or H-frame, but if it’s something that aids your back from getting injured over the weight, then everything’s cool with that chest rig.

Other buyers look for aspects like design, materials used, and safety. But mainly, the basic standard of choosing the best MOLLE chest rig is what compromises the above. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing one right now, keep that on mind.


The one rig that has received our thumbs up is the Condor Recon Chest Rig, the heavy duty one for a massive action packed shooting and hunting game. The equipment is highly versatile and compromises of roomy pouches that can be customized. One can bring along a couple of M4 and pistol mags but would still be able to carry the load.

The chest rig is also comfortable, with the cross-back strap supporting your weight. The material used in the making of this quality product is breathable and lightweight to carry. Adding accessories is such a breeze because it will not weigh your down with the mass and bulk of it. It has a swivel lockster that can offer more mobility on your joints especially when you want to get into one position to the next.

Some of the parts of the rig might be a little too tight, but the adjustability function of Recon can ease customers on putting on their equipment. All in all, the rig is well-built to endure environs for the fast-paced hunter and soldier.