What Are The Best Tactical Shoes To Buy Now?

It is essential for everyone to wear comfortable and sturdy shoes each time that they go out for a walk, or hiking, biking, trekking or for a holiday. Proper footwear won’t only provide comfort to your tired legs but additionally will assist you to look impressive and beautiful. They also protect your legs from heat, water, and rugged terrain. And that’s what you get with the best tactical shoes.

There are many types of shoes available in the marketplace from where one can pick his or her dream shoes. Soldiers wear army boots known as boots during the time of warfare or combat training. These boots are designed to provide security of the legs ankle stability, at terrains, and for better traction. If you want to buy the best tactical shoes for your perusal, then here’s our review of the market.


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Maelstrom Men’s TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Work Boot with Zipper

The Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force 8 Inch Military Tactical Work Boot combines quality and versatility. It can be a shoe for law enforcement, army men, or campers and hikers because it requires more coordination and dexterity on their feet. It is lightweight and responsive to movement when you needed it. The solid cemented construction keeps the shoe tough and rugged against rough terrains and climate conditions.

Also, the boots are built for ease and comfort for the user. They have a zipper access in case you’re in a rush and won’t be late for training. Or maybe you’re just too tired of tying your shoes. Maelstrom also has a padded inner sole and collar for a sweet and cozy fit. The midsole lessens the force and shock of the foot when turning on the next step. And because of its anti-shock properties, it avoids ankle and muscle tensions on foot.

The boot is made of leather and fabric material for speed and agility. Meanwhile, its rubber sole sets to add traction when moving. It is also water-resistant to keep your feet from getting wet and moist. The boot is ergonomically made prevent bacteria from building up due to sweat, environment, and activity.

All in all, the Maelstrom boot provides durable and long-lasting performance that can survive more than a year’s worth of time. It secures your foot, movement, and joints against your training regimen or activity. Perfect for the USMC’s, campers, hikers, or those who wanted good bots to last longer.

What we like
  • It’s a very lightweight foot without sacrificing quality grade materials.
  • Maelstrom works well in muddy, sandy, and rocky environs.
  • It’s quite airy and breathable inside the soles. Your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout your regimen.
  • The zipper and Velcro features work very lovely and pull up feet quite quickly.
  • The sole gives the user some traction against most conditions.
What we don't like
  • A coat of polish or leather conditioner will take time to effect.
  • The soles feel thin. The boot could use more padding on foot.
  • Visible crack may be noticeable after heavy use.

5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot

In the days, people wear boots for hiking or trekking. One of the most formidable brands in outdoor wear, 5.11, sets a leather and textile ATAC boots from a full grain leather and rugged nylon construction that has an antibacterial and moisture-wicking lining. Both are great features to have when you’re exposed in environs that perpetuate the growth bacteria in dampness. Additionally, the boots incorporated a Shock Mitigation System that absorbs blows and jolts when coming in contact with sudden ground movements.

It’s pretty lightweight and offers more mobility when one springs into action. Also, it has a side zipper in case you want to dash outside and find no hassle in putting on the boots. Meanwhile, when doing so, 5.11 allows the lace to keep tight while in mobile or despite having placed your feet into the shoes via the side zipper. It makes use of a lasting board and has a very generous cushioning of soles that gives extra comfort to the user. These paddings also let the user feel secure and fit when wearing the shoes.

Of course, it has a rugged construction and a rigid heel and toe support that provides better traction. As you can see, the upper offers stability, while the non-metallic shanks are created to sustain you when you do substantial activities. The boots have been tested out in the field for battle, heavy training, and severe treks to ensure users they have a great kick to wear.

Basically, 5.11 delivers another quality-grade boot and wearable in the market, quite tactical for law enforcement, military training, camping trips, and more. They have been manufactured to resist the environs that can damage it.

What we like
  • The zippers get you dressed up quickly and go to your routine.
  • These boots can withstand any environment and weather conditions – snow, muddy terrain, dirt and grimy environments.
  • It’s also ideal for people in jobs like construction, fire department, etc. because these tactical shoes can withstand vibration and shocks.
  • 5.11 ATAC is breathable and lightweight. It will not slow you down in our work.
  • The extra padding provides comfort for your everyday use. It helps take away the pain of doing any strenuous activity.
What we don't like
  • The outside material can tear easily.
  • The ankle portion of the shoe is a bit small and narrow.
  • The inner soles may be padded nicely, but they are a bit hard and stiff.

Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS Side Zip

Under Armour is a popular choice for law enforcement uniforms to casual wear because of its durability, quality and ruggedness to handle various scenarios, environment, and weather. The UA Valsetz RTS is formidable footwear that offers support and comfy feel. It has a ClutchFit technology that hugs the shape of your foot accordingly and will expand or adjust when there’s mobility. The shoe is sensitive and responsive to the user and offers flexibility to the max.

Its upper is welded nicely and quite abrasion-resistant if we say so. It also protects against harsh terrains and climate conditions. While it can’t handle wintertime, the boots can be used to snuggle our toes down the fire. The material used in the mesh isn’t quite breathable, but with the ortholite antimicrobial sock liner, it keeps moist and bacteria at bay. The sockliner itself is created with memory foam intact for extra comfort.

What’s more is that the footwear is incredibly lightweight and won’t restrict your movements. Its sole has the excellent traction that prevents you from slipping is overly smooth surfaces. It, too, has excellent ankle support and reduces the chances of a shaky ad rolled ankle support. It has shock absorbent properties that prevent this from happening.

Under Armour Valsetz RTS is a sleek-looking tactical shoe that offers enough features for you to take on the outdoor and its environs. It has great suspension and is a build-up of quality materials to endure the test of time.

What we like
  • How UA offers shock absorbent properties in different scenarios caught our eye. Whether it’s indoor playing or outdoor hiking, it can stabilize your footfalls.
  • The padded cushion cradles your foot and provides more mobility because of its lightweight properties.
  • The shoe hugs your foot nicely and won’t strangle it too much. ​
  • UA has great traction features and anti-slip notices.
  • The grip is fantastic, and the side zipper proves to be advantageous.
What we don't like
  • The boots break down quickly.
  • Extreme weather conditions make the shoe stiff and hard to use.

Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot

Whether you just want it to wear casually or use for military training, Rocky’s C4T got you covered for its durable performance.  The boot is tough and resilient to withstand weather and training simulations that can cause wear and tear on regular shoes. Additionally, it is also the lightest among the tactical boots the brand has made. It is designed to be lightweight in nature, with the rubber outsole to provide tractions against slips, heat, abrasions, and oils.

Rocky is also a water-resistant boot that eliminates moisture and build-up bacteria growth. It’s fast to dry making your feet free from wetness that can distract you from your activity. It may not have side zippers, but it saves time tying your shoelace due to its eyelets and NATO hooks. It doesn’t have any metal parts and freely leaves the users be.

Its upper material is from synthetics, complete with faux MOLLE straps. You can use a paracord 550 for your lacing to provide a fit and sturdy tying. Its padded insoles provide a good cushioning for comfort. It wouldn’t bother much of your foot when you’re on the move. Also, the boot is made from breathable mesh with drainage openings that keeps water and moisture away.

The shoe has strengthened stitch in order not to fall off during the performance. It is highly durable after been subjected to different settings and inclement weather. It can withstand long periods of action-packed training and adventure.

What we like
  • The Rocky’s is a light military boot that can support your speed and mobility.
  • It was designed to handle massive drills and harsh environs. It gives max protection from abrasions and shock given in long hours outdoors.
  • The boot is water-resistant as well as to dirt and grime that can damage your footwear and slow down your training or hiking.
  • It supports your ankle from abrupt movements or “turnarounds.”
  • It is highly breathable, and the mesh linings will dry your feet away from water and moisture.
What we don't like
  • The outside material may crack after a good use.
  • The soles may come off at times.
  • The boot is designed for training and casual use only. Sadly, it hasn’t complied yet to be used in the field.

Salomon Men’s XA Pro 3D Trail Running Shoe

The Salomon XA Pro 3D made it into our list of as one of the best tactical shoes to buy, though it doesn’t have that military look, but rather a sporty, casual one. It has a textile and synthetic sole that offers stability and protection for muddy terrains. It had a mudguard and protected rubber toe cap to protect yourself against beats, abrasions, and hard knocks from unforgiving environs and conditions.

This is your classic shoe for campouts, training, and exercise regimen that has a grip and fit sleeve to wrap the foot in precise fitting. Their Sensifit technology does that by adjusting and expanding the inners accordingly to the user’s activity.

More so, it has a quick lace innovation for you to put on and out of our shoes quickly instead of a drastic tying that takes much of your time. It also has a lace pocket on its upper and a tongue cover for extra protection. The product comes with a resilient cord lacing its way through the eyelets. It can be quickly locked in place with a stopper and keep in the lace pocket.

Additionally, Salomon XA Pro 3D has a breathable mesh material that quickly dries your feet from water and moisture. The paddings are soft and attended to, and even support the user’s ankles and joint when making movements.

What we like
  • The sole provides better traction against various terrains be it in the wilderness or the city.
  • The arch support for your soles, heel, toe, and ankles is superb.
  • The paddings added extra comfort to the users’ training regimen. ​​​​
  • The quick lace innovation provides ease and quick on-the-run exercise that keep you going.
  • Even during winter times, the shoe provides warmth and heat to protect your toes from the cold.
What we don't like
  • The laces will break in a while and might tear the shoes’ upper.
  • The shoe feels narrow and would bother some users.
  • Breathability is an issue although it has a light material mesh already.

Different kinds of tactical boots in the market


There are plenty of military boots created for various enforcements in types. They are used in army training, law enforcement practices, drills, and more. Men have also worn them during parades and brandishing ceremonies. Not only that, these boots became a hit in fashion as well. Footwear such as the rainbow boots, jungle boots, jump boots, tanker boots and cold weather boots are created like military boots for style purposes.

So, tactical shoes aren’t only used for military, outdoor hikes, and campout activities, but it can also be a fashion statement in the city. Whether you like that idea or not, it’s the truth we have to face.

Navy boots

They’re superior quality leather boots wore during ship, plane, helicopter and navy operations. These are ideal for impending inclement weathers and are water resistant. Currently, navy boots became a fashion statement among the new generation of men and women. Ladies wear these shoes teamed with fitting outfits. They’ve accumulated popularity due to their design which is extremely elegant and very comfortable.

Note, that Navy Seal boots are developed for US Navy SEALs for water and land OTB operations. These boots are primarily manufactured to get OTB operations and are well also suitable for different water activities such as fishing, hunting, and diving. They’re low maintenance shoes and may be washed easily with plain water and a scrubber.

Air Force boots

Air Force boots are especially designed for air force officials. These are also small maintenance boots manufactured either of leather or suede and are offered for men as well as women. They’re nonmetallic boots with nylon and molded raisin laces.

USMC boots

USMC Boots are best to get hiking, hunting, military, and police personals. These boots are commonly known as battle boots that are utilized for marine and military operations.

Jump boots

Technically, they are also footwear for air force militia. They are commonly known as Paratroopers boots because of its historical ties of being airborne. They have great ankle support and reinforcements because paratroopers will have to jump and land on uneven terrain. However, they aren’t as flexible as standard army boots or as light as they are. It can be pretty comfortable to train and march in wet environments as well. Currently, jump boots are becoming popular for ceremonies and parades.

Tanker boots

These are footwear specifically made for people operating tanks. They are made to endure shocks and vibration and can help a soldier get on back to his feet. They have leather straps that can be proved advantageous because it keeps the feet secure and safe. Laces, meanwhile, won’t work in a tank because the shock will untangle them, thus leading to mishaps. Also, tanker boots are geared to be oil, chemicals, and grease resistant, so that these harmful liquids won’t get intact with the user’s skin. There are a lot of advantages a tanker boot has and also a c couple of downsides as well. Tanker boots are known to have little ankle support. But then again, it’s not needed inside the vehicle.

Boots for climate conditions

There are several boots for different kinds of weather, and each has their unique features and functions to offer. For example, dessert boots were manufactured to battle heat and sand from coming over your feet. They are often made with rough suede and eliminate the use of steel inserts and drainage vents.

Jungle boots are designed to keep water out of your shoes and keep your feet dry all the time. They are made with canvas to take the water out and fry your feet quickly. Meanwhile, boots for cold weather are made to withstand the snow. They are perfect for a great snuggle because of the warmth they give. Combat shoes for weather can endure the climate of up to negative 20 degrees.

These are the kinds of tactical boots in the market. You should learn how to balance your needs with the boots you want to buy. Keep in mind to take care of them too. Each boot has a set of requirements to be cleaned, oiled, or conditioned to keep it in top shape.

Know your boots before purchasing it


There are a couple of benefits when one is wearing military shoes. Even if they aren’t for militia training or field use, these can be done and experienced in camping, city wear, and more. Tactical boots are your best bet if you are in a situation that requires you to have the extra protection for your feet. What features should you know before buying great tactical shoes?


The boots offer support to the soles of your feet, ankles, muscles and even your knees. It keeps them at bay when you spring into action or abruptly turn around. It can handle your leg muscles if you are carrying a heavy load because it keeps your feet planted on the ground. Traction is highly needed against uneven or smooth surfaces so you won’t slip and fall.

The shoes are built to keep away mud, dirt, grime, water, moisture, oils, and harmful chemicals in getting inside your body. Having in contact with these elements can slow down a user, get hurt, or get sick in the process. Also, a great way to protect yourself is from snake bites or poisonous stings on the ground. The best tactical shoes are made from genuine materials that are both sturdy and durable.

Wearing shoes can be a headache especially when it gets hot down on your feet. This will lead to bacteria growth and would smell your shoe bad. Therefore, a good mesh can offer breathability to dry your feet and avoid growth of microorganisms.

Some footwears are considered for all-weather boots and will shield you from various climates. You name it – rain, snow, muddy environs, and more. Walking in extreme temperatures can put you down, but a good boot can keep you going on.

Know this – some people buy military boots for the sake of a trendy style. Yes, it looks cool to wear them and knowing the benefits it can offer is simply a bonus.

A great shoe can be your companion for life. The proper footwear will assist you in carrying out your duties and work in extreme environments and weather. Choosing the right footwear can get you to places and keep your line of work on top.

How to clean your boots and make it long-lasting as you can? These are simple tips to get you going. There are far more complicated ways to clean each boot because one footwear has unique materials, functions, and designs. Here are a few ways to help keep your tactical boots looking wonderful so that they can stay in action for many years to come.

  • Did it get caked, mud or dirt and grime? Then you would like to take that one out first. If your boots are made of leather or suede, you might use any brush to get the dirt off.

  • Gently wet the brush and make certain to work on the boot’s sole. It’ll be fine to use a toothbrush because it can clean the parts well due to its size.

  • Next, you may want to wet a fabric or sponge. Just make it damp enough to work. Never soak it much with water. It’ll compromise your cleaning process.

  • The water will help loosen the caked dirt. If that’s not working, you might want to use soap or detergent to make it clean.

  • Use soap to wipe the insoles down and use a toothbrush to clean it with.

  • Apply conditioner or leather oil. It will help prevent cracks and breaks in the leather.

  • For suede boots, you might want to use a boot cleaner.

  • You can add water repellent for extra protection too.

As mentioned, keeping your boots clean will have the footwear live longer than its manufacturing state. You can now avoid those cracks, breaks, and wears if you take good care of your shoes


After reviewing the said products and learning more about tactical shoes. We agree that the best tactical shoes on the market today are the Maelstrom Men’s TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Work Boot with Zipper. It’s a great shoe for everyone since it offers more coordination and dexterity on the user’s feet. Springing into action should be a cinch because it supports the feet, heel, and ankles when you carry out your tasks.

Moreover, it is light and breathable despite being its tough and rugged looks to take harsh environs and conditions. They have a zipper on the sides in case you want to rush in your job, get ready to bug out in emergencies or if you’re feeling lazy all the sudden. Its inner sole provides a nice fit which makes you comfortable – although, it can feel a little thin from there because the paddings aren’t that hard and plenty.

Maelstrom has superb anti-shock functions and can ease your foot from sudden movements you make. It also gives proper traction to smooth or uneven surfaces that will make you slip and fall. It’s water-resistant and keeps away the dirt and grime from your feet.

Cracks may be visible after a good and heavy use, but if you remember to take care of it, it can last longer than a year. Overall, the Maelstrom is a neat shoe for your next outdoor adventure.