How Much Does An AR-15 Cost?

The AR-15 was created by ArmaLite in 1956, designed to fire .223 in rapid succession. The design created by ArmaLite was gradually adapted by other firearm manufacturers, who created their own versions of the AR. The AR platform is currently the most popular form of rifle in the United States, and for good reason.

Millions of people love AR-15s, as they have an incredibly ergonomic design that makes it easy to shoot. They are both easy to use and very powerful, making them one of the best choices for any purpose. However, compared to other types of rifles, they can be a little bit expensive.

You may be wondering how much an AR-15 costs, and what the range of pricing is. Costs vary depending on the model you purchase, so it can be difficult to find the right one for your money. This cost breakdown can help you determine what kind of AR-15 you want to invest in.

The price range

Generally speaking, AR-15 prices range from $500 to over $2000. If you simply want an AR-15 and do not care about fancy features or unique stylings, you can find one for $500 or even less. However, many AR-15 models are closer to the $1000 range, and enthusiasts everywhere consistently buy them.

Here are a few AR-15s from a variety of price points:

Diamondback DB-15 series: ~$600

The Diamondback DB-15 is an affordable series of AR-15s that ranges from just under $600 to over $1400. If you are looking for the most affordable option, the cheapest DB-15s are still great, high-quality rifles. They weigh only 6.7 pounds, with 16 inch barrels for easy carrying and transportation. 

With a low-end Diamondback DB-15, you are sacrificing some features, like high-quality sights and grips. If your primary focus is getting a good deal, these rifles are right for you.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15 II series: ~$800

This AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in the United States, as it strikes a balance between quality and affordability. These are great-looking rifles, and you can purchase one for around $800. You can attach all sorts of accessories to these guns, and they take both STANAG and PMAG magazines.

These rifles have 16 inch barrels, high-quality adjustable sights and stocks, polymer grips and threaded barrels. When you pay a little more for a model like the M&P 15, you get higher quality materials and features. These rifles are good for those who want a reliable, quality gun for a mid-range price.

Daniel Defense M4A1: ~$2000

The Daniel Defense M4A1 is a beautiful gun with a short, skeletonized barrel. Its surfaces are nicely finished and designed, and it has an ergonomic polymer buttstock. Many of its components are uniquely designed glass-filled polymer Daniel Defense parts, so the quality of this rifle is top notch. 

It has a carbine gas system, heat resistant rail panels and a flash suppressor. Although you are paying high-end prices, you receive many extra benefits over cheaper options. 

When you show up to the range with a rifle like this one, your equipment outshines every budget build. If you value firearm appearance, extra features and high quality materials, you may want to consider a rifle like the Daniel Defense M4A1.

There are more expensive models out there, but the M4A1 is among the most expensive rifles an average gun owner might consider. 

Overall, the AR platform has a wide range of price points, quality and aesthetics. Depending on what you value most in a firearm, you may want to spend on a restricted or high-end budget. Make sure you buy the AR-15 that meets your needs, whatever they may be.