Why Are Tactical Uniforms Necessary in the Military?

Army uniforms and other tactical gear are an essential part of the military identity and have an extensive range of use. It’s not uncommon to see a soldier from the Army or Air Force and wonder what purpose the outfit fulfills. We’ve done the research and have to say there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The main point of interest is how protective and useful a combat uniform is as compared to just a tactical vest and a camo long-sleeved shirt. The second is how the outfit itself affects the people wearing it and how others treat them.

The Benefits of Wearing Military Uniforms

The physical benefits of wearing a tactical uniform aren’t always well recognized. While a camo long-sleeved shirt can easily be cut by blades or hinder your movement, these won’t. Army combat uniforms have specific design features that make it easier to move in during a gunfight or hand-to-hand combat.

The protection and unique features of a military uniform far outweigh a lone tactical vest and camo clothing. The advantages are many, and the only real disadvantage is the heat and weight of the gear of a fully supplied soldier. These are the four main benefits of wearing a military uniform.

Freedom of Movement

Most tactical uniforms have an easy-movement design that doesn’t interfere with your range of motion. This freedom is essential in the military as soldiers often have many physical tasks ahead of them during an average day, let alone if they’re deployed and enter combat. Anyone wearing one of these military uniforms will easily be able to move their limbs, regardless of the speed.

This anti-hindrance design comes in handy during missions where one has to move out of gunfire or cover an area quickly. The outfit provides comfort when quickly snapping around with fast or jerky motions that other clothing doesn’t. Few things are as important as freedom of movement when on a battlefield or doing drills in a military uniform.

Carrying Capacity

A well-made army combat uniform has plenty of space to store supplies. This capacity lets soldiers keep many of their needed tools on hand, such as extra magazines or a sidearm. Additionally, the areas where weapons and frequently used tools usually are kept are easily in reach.

As soldiers in Iraq frequently carry between 60 to 100 pounds on themselves and the military uniform, this makes having the capacity to store everything a must. Additionally, along with the ability to hold many items, the tactical uniform itself is designed to reduce the overall weight.


An army uniform must provide protection to its wearer as one of the main features. The tactical vest and camo long-sleeved shirt and pants keep the wearer safe from the elements. As the material used to make the army combat uniform is rugged, you can quickly move through harsh terrain.

As technology increases, the ability to make these military uniforms lighter and retain strength increases. The army combat uniform works well with all the other gear and a tactical vest to keep soldiers safe from gunfire and knives.

Additionally, there’s the headgear to consider. A soldier on a field mission will wear a helmet with his tactical uniform that provides a lot of protection from melee attacks that’d usually knock a person out. While the helmet isn’t exactly bulletproof, it will protect from shrapnel and other explosions to a minor degree.


As with police officers, soldiers are clearly recognized by the army uniforms they wear. For many missions, this is essential as it helps the unit identify their members clearly from a distance in a crowd. However, this also works the other way around, unfortunately.

In an emergency situation, finding a soldier may be one of the best options available. Without their army uniform, you’re unlikely to find them or avoid them.

The Mental Aspect of a Uniform

A tactical uniform has a mental effect on everyone who wears one, not just military personnel. Additionally, this changes how other people treat someone wearing such an outfit. Here are the ways that soldiers are affected mentally by wearing a military uniform.

Distinction From Civilians

Seeing military personnel in their army combat uniform sends an idea to your mind that this is someone to respect or be aware of. As soldiers are often respectable people, this lets you know before speaking to them a small idea of what to expect. The tactical uniform also designates authority in an emergency.


The uniforms that soldiers wear are identical and promote a psychological effect of being together and belonging to a whole. This thinking helps form camaraderie between soldiers, an essential aspect when your life rests in the unit’s hands.

Soldier Age

The army uniform is an easy way to get hundreds of soldiers dressed suitably. As military personnel are often recruited at a young age, it’s likely that they’d clown around and become undisciplined when picking their outfits.

Younger soldiers are also likely to be rowdy, and the army uniform helps them form expectations of the discipline they need. This outfit helps them develop a more respectful mindset. By keeping its soldiers in order through a uniform, the military appears disciplined and obedient.

Differentiating the Branches

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of any military uniform. Telling the various United States military branches apart is an easy task thanks to the differences in tactical uniforms. However, green is still a prominent color for many tactical vests, camo long-sleeved shirts, and army uniforms.


There are two forms of army combat uniforms in use. The first uses a universal camouflage pattern that you’d typically find on a camo long-sleeved shirt or tactical vest. The second option makes use of an operational camouflage pattern and is the standard issue.


The military uniforms for the Navy come in three colors. These options are blue-grey, desert, and wood.

Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps wear the MARPAT patterned tactical uniforms in two variants. These two options are woodland and desert color themes.

Air Force

Members of the Air Force wear a digitized tiger-stripe or multicam pattern depending on their deployment location.

Are They Important?

Army uniforms are a necessary part of a soldier’s life as it keeps them safe and provides plenty of carrying space. The outfit is also protective and helps keep the elements at bay and separate the different military branches. By wearing an army combat uniform, soldiers are ready for any mission they’re sent on.

There’s also a psychological aspect at play when a soldier wears his camo long-sleeved shirt and tactical vest. The army uniform helps create bonds between other members of the unit and distinguish them from regular civilians.